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Lars Kristian Syvertsen
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Denver City By Night


  1. Professional and creative websites
    - Simple presentations
    - More advanced, dynamic solutions
  2. Logos and company-profiles
  3. Banners and web-ads
  4. Illustrations
  5. Flash


All work done by Kreativ Designer Lars Kristian Syvertsen vil be charged at NOK 290 an hour. 1 US$ is usually worth around 7 NOK. That would mean that KDLKS charges around $40 an hour. This fee does not include purchase tax set to 24%. Until later, purchase tax will not be added to the invoice because KDLKS has not reached a business income where purchase tax is demanded.
Please feel free to contact KDLKS for negotiations and further information.

Work done by partners of KDLKS may be charged at other fees. In such a situation the customer needs to have agreed to a cooperation with a third party.

Work done by KDLKS is allways protected by your Stay-Satisfied-Guarantee.